Sunday, August 31, 2008

10 Things I Love About You

Most of my layouts are about my sweet children, so I thought it was about time that I did another one for my dear husband Gary. This one was a kit from Two Scrapbook Friends for Father's Day. I changed it only slightly so that it was from me not the children. The ten things I listed are:
1. You make me laugh when I need it most.
2. You made my dreams come true and continue to make them come true.
3. You cook for us.
4. You are handy around the house.
5. You like to do things together.
6. You support me emotionally and physically.
7. You take care of us and never complain.
8. You encourage me in everything I do.
9. You are the man of my dreams and the love of my life.
10. You are the most incredible and amazing husband and dad.
Those are just a few of the many wonderful reasons why I love this man :)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sara at Storybook Gardens

This is one of my favourite pictures of the ones that we took at Storybook Gardens during our recent visit. All Sara wanted to do was play in the water. She had so much fun!!!!

Still Cruising

Just a reminder that Scrapbook and Cards Today is still cruising until the end of the month. Drop by their blog for all the details.

Zoe's Blog

I just discovered this wonderful blog and she is offering awesome blog candy. Drop by and visit Zoe at her blog -- you'll be happy that you did :) She also has a challenge blog called Crafty Monkeys that you should check out too - it is especially for children, but well worth a look even if you aren't a child or don't have one. Absolutely fabulous work on both blogs!!!!! (Blog candy ends on September 1st at 3 p.m. GMT).

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Scrapping Nook Challenges

I finished my last two projects for the challenges at The Scrapping Nook this week. Now all I have left to do are the photos, most of which I have taken but haven't uploaded yet. My last two challenges this week were interesting ones. The card was completed for the Do I Have To Say The Words challenge - this week's word was despair. I absolutely love the little owl stamp, which I coloured with pencil crayons. The layout "Little Zoo Keeper" was for the Stamp of Approval layout - in which I had to use stamps. I scraplifted this idea from the package the stamps came in. The stamps were stamped onto cardstock, coloured, then cut out and adhered to the layout. I love this picture of Sam :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Alert --- Blog Candy!!!!

Terria is offering some yummy blog candy!!!! But you better hurry - it's only until August 31st!!!!! Check out her blog for some great reading!!!!

Leslie is back in blogland and offering some awesome blog candy!!!! It ends on August 28th, but even without blog candy she has some great posts to check out!!!!

My Latest Layouts

Here are three layouts I completed yesterday. All were completed for challenges at The Scrapping Nook. "I Goin Ta Class" was for the All That Glitters challenge - I used glitter papers, Glimmer Mist, and Stickles. I also used a sketch from Page Maps that was posted on the Cutters Creek Yahoo Group Sketch It Monday for that layout. "Sweet Sammerman" was for the Punching In challenge - I used punches from Marvy, EK Success and Tonic. Love that picture of Sam :) "Samster" (more pics of Sam that I love) is for the Black & White challenge. We were allowed to add one more colour, which for me was a silver grey. I hope you enjoy the layouts!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

My Addiction

I have an addiction. Actually I have many addictions LOL, but I'm only talking about one right now -- I am addicted to the beautiful kits sold at Two Scrapbook Friends. Not all of them, but quite a few of them. I love how quick and easy it is to put a kit together when I can't seem to find the inspiration to come up with a layout from scratch. After completing all the challenges for the different crops on Sunday, I wanted to do some layouts that didn't require a lot of thought. So I pulled out three of these great kits and whipped them out. Love these kits!!!!!! I honestly don't know who manufactures all of the supplies, nor who to credit the idea for the layouts to, but they were all kits and they were all bought from Two Scrapbook Friends (so credit probably belongs to either Carolyn or Joanne). Here are two of them. I'll upload the third soon.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Last Layouts for SoCalScrap Crop

I finally finished my last two challenges for the SoCalScrap crop. 

"Heading Home" was for the Environmental Inspiration challenge - we had to take our inspiration from the items in the picture. Can you guess what my inspiration was? Hint: I had one for each photo given to us. 

"Yummy" was created for the SoCalScrap Layout challenge - we had to use items that can be purchased through SoCalScrap. My Crop-a-dile self destructed during the construction of this layout. So there they are. Hope you enjoy them :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Scrapping Nook Crop

The Scrapping Nook crop is still going strong and I'm having a great time with it. These are my latest layouts for this week:

Sweet - completed for the Bling It On challenge, used lots of bling

May I Play Too? - completed for the Chip Off The Old Block challenge, could only use chipboard embellies

Sweet Sara Pie - this one was done for the Crayola Fun challenge, I created the crayon background using wax paper, crayon shavings and my iron

Free To Be Me - the challenge required us to use the word "free"

Ready 4 Takeoff - this one was for the Keeping A Button On It challenge in which we had to use a minimum of 10 buttons

I hope you enjoy my latest layouts.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Challenge Layouts

Three more layouts completed for challenges at SoCalScrap.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Layouts Based on Sketches

These layouts were completed for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday sketch challenges at SoCalScrap.

Monday, August 18, 2008

More New Layouts and a Card

I completed all of these for challenges at SoCalScrap. 

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Some Recent Layouts

The first one was completed for the "Bling It Up" challenge at SoCalScrap. The other three were for challenges at The Scrapping Nook - the challenges in order were 
"Camera Shy" - my relationship with the camera
 "Sew You Think You Can Scrap" - had to have some form of sewing on it, mine is hand sewing
 "Then and Now" - comparing myself over ten years ago and today

Hope you enjoyed them :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

I Entered A Contest!!! Please vote for me :)

I found another online crop to participate in. There are a lot of challenges and I'm not sure that I will get them all done, but I'm going to try. I have one done so far - I created a layout using the Fancy Pants Sweet Spring line. It is now posted in a contest on the forum at SoCalScrap (click here to go to the forums). I think you might have to register to view the forum and vote, but registration is free. The layouts for the contest are posted here in the gallery. My layout is called "Give Me Wings To Fly". To vote you need to go to the forum then click on Challenges (under August 2008 Cyber Crop) and then on Fancy Pants Challenge. Or you can simply go here. I hope the link will take you there okay :) The contest closes on Sunday the 17th. If you are willing and able to vote I really appreciate the support :) Thanks in advance :)

Online Crop Layout

I love doing online crops - I think it is because the challenges inspire me to actually use my supplies instead of simply admiring them. I admit that I am addicted to scrapbook paper and I collect more than I use. So online crops give me a little push to use up some of my beloved stash. And the best thing about them is that I don't have to pack up my stuff and drag it off somewhere - I can scrap right here in my cozy little office in my own house. I can even crop in my pj's if I want :) Participating in online crops has also introduced me to places online that I might never have discovered otherwise. Stores that are too far away to actually get to and forums that are packed with inspiration. 
I talked once before about this fun online crop I am participating in at The Scrapping Nook. What an amazing group of people!!!! Their posts are so much fun to read and their projects are fabulous. If you've never checked out the Nook then I suggest you give it a look-see. To take a peek at the gallery go here. I'd love it if you would check out some of the projects I've posted and maybe even leave me a little love :)
I'm posting a layout I completed for one of the challenges at The Nook. I had to use three different letters - mine are from Creative Imaginations, Basic Grey and Crate Paper. The pictures were taken on our recent beach vacation (I know I said I'd post beach pics today, but I haven't had a chance to get them ready yet - so in the meantime, enjoy this layout).

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back From Our Vacation

I apologize for being absent for a few days. We headed to the beach in Port Elgin on Saturday for a few days of relaxing with the children. It was part of my anniversary present from my sweet hubby :) We had a lot of fun and the children had a blast. I will try to post some pictures and talk a little more about it tomorrow. 

I know this is short today - I am in the middle of trying to complete seven challenges that are due this weekend, while trying to get caught up on things that I missed.

To make up for being so brief I will refer you to Claudia's Pretty Pressings blog. She has some beautiful cards for your viewing pleasure and is offering some yummy blog candy. Enjoy!!!! 

Don't forget about Chris' blog candy. If you haven't made a comment yet you still have a couple of days (ends Aug. 16th).

Friday, August 8, 2008

Copic Markers

I've been hearing people talking about how great Copic markers are. Leading up to CHA summer I saw posts everywhere asking about Copic markers and whether anyone was going to order them into their stores. Yet no one was saying why they were so great or why they really wanted them. I'd never heard of them before. So I figured I would wait until they arrived at one of my LSS and check them out. Well, they arrived and yesterday I actually saw them. They looked very nice in the holder - but my eyes bugged out at the price -- $9.50 Canadian --- for one marker!!!! Umm, okay, nice markers, stay in that holder, I'm backing slowly away. I was afraid to pick one up for fear I'd be told that since I touched it I would have to buy it!!!! I felt like I was looking at the Royal Doulton of markers sitting there. Still didn't have any idea why these markers were so amazing nor why supposedly I "had to have them". I think I will just visit them from time to time at the LSS.

Well, today in my inbox I discover my latest update from Craft Critique. This is such a great idea - their header on the blog reads "Unsolicited opinions on the subject of craft" - how cool is that!!!! Some times the critique is about these cool things that I decide I "must have" and sometimes the critiques are about things that I have no interest in (and sometimes it is something I've never even seen before). I liked the idea so much that I subscribed to receive their updates in my inbox. So today I click on the latest update and -- surprise!!!! Copic Markers!!!!!! Was someone reading my mind???? So now I know a little bit about Copic markers (I won't spoil it for you - go check out Craft Critique and find out for yourself). My favourite line was one of their cons: "These markers are not inexpensive." No kidding!!!! 

If Copic Markers are one of your "must haves" then I wish you a lot of fun and creativity with them. As for me -- well, I think they all looked really comfortable and happy in their little display holders ... who am I to split up the set??? But I'll visit, I promise :)

P.S. If any of my friends are buying Copic markers and want to invite me over to play with them I will happily accept the invitation :) Just let me know - I'm free on Thursday ...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Today I Heard ...

I heard a sad rumour today. Daisy D's is closing their doors :( I've now seen this a few different places, although there is nothing on their blog yet (last post was July 21st). What I've heard is that they are not printing their new lines and everything is on sale until it is gone (and by gone I mean gone forever). It always makes me sad when I hear of a company closing it's doors. I think of the employees who will no longer have jobs, the families that will be affected by it, the designers who won't see their work produced. I think of the dream that started it all and how sad it must be that the dream is now coming to an end. That must be so hard. I didn't like all of their stuff - but I don't think there is a manufacturer that I can say I do like all of their stuff, so that doesn't matter - however I did like some of their items. I'm sad to see them going out of business. Hopefully everyone involved and affected will find something good to move on to.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I think one of my most necessary tools has to be my trimmer. I have a Fiskars rotary 12 x 12 trimmer - no bells and whistles - but it gets the job done. I like it, even though it isn't fancy. I don't however love my mini trimmer - the one I bought to take "on the road". It is also a Fiskars, but it drives me crazy. The blade keeps popping off, there isn't a line for 4 3/4" because that is where the arm folds out, and the thing (nice technical term there) that holds the paper down is a real bugger to lift - I find myself prying it up every time I use it. I only bought it because it is purple - and I used to buy everything cause it was purple lol!!! So I'm thinking about getting a replacement. The only problem is that as I'm searching for a new portable trimmer I'm discovering all these different big trimmers and I'm getting a serious case of the "must haves". There are so many out there that my head is swimming with the possibilities. I just heard about one that is really hard (translation: virtually impossible) to get anymore. It is the Genesis trimmer. Never heard of it, but apparently it has been around for years. I took one look at it and fell into serious 'want' with it. It is just so cool - it's got this light thing that you can get for it and it was made to cut photographs - wow. It really isn't very exciting to look at, but based on the description I'm thinking this might just be an awesome trimmer to own. The only thing is - it isn't very portable :( 
If you are curious about the Genesis trimmer you can check it out here or here

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Children's Museum

Today we took the children to the Waterloo Regional Children's Museum to see the Celebration of Canada's North and the Dinosaurs Alive exhibits. Once we arrived we took them to the area where the craft is done. Sara played for awhile then made the craft. Well, actually she just played with the balls of playdough, but I made a cute little Inukshuk. It is now sitting on the kitchen windowsill - Gary says I did a great job (I half expected him to pat me on the head). The craft leader told Sara that she had made a cute snowman face - and it was until one of the other children tried to take some of Sara's playdough, then it wasn't quite so face like :) Then we went to the Canada's North exhibit. That was interesting, but a little above Sara's head I think. The Dinosaurs Alive was awesome - huge bones and skeletons, artifacts, humungous dinosaurs!!!!! Sara loved the dinosaur she could actually sit on and the bones. Unfortunately the mechanical dinosaurs were a little much for her and the loud noises actually scared her. She wouldn't go near them!!!! Sam was almost eaten by one, but I saved him lol!!! Sara loved the ricebox (like a sandbox only filled with rice) where she could hunt for animal tracks. We had a fun afternoon.
We drove home in a torrential downpour, which then stopped by the time we pulled into the driveway, only to start up again awhile later. Rained off and on for hours. Gary almost had supper ready when Sara decided to help. She dumped an entire container of onion salt into the sauce for our pasta!!!! She thought it tasted delicious - we ended up ordering pizza :(
So it was a fun and eventful day. I didn't actually do any scrapping, but I have a lot of dinosaur pictures for a layout :) Sadly though, there aren't any pictures of the onion salt disaster (I keep telling Gary that once he determines that the children are okay he needs to take pictures!!! Oh well, at least he did the clean up).
What did you do today?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Cruising With Scrapbook and Cards Today

Scrapbook and Cards Today is having a blog cruising party. All you have to do is go to their blog snag the blinkie (found under the All About Us heading as "Get A Cruisin' Contest Blinkie") and post it prominently on your blog. Then leave a comment letting them know that you have posted the blinkie with a link to your blog. You never know when they might drop by your blog for a little visit - they will be "cruising" from now until the end of August. 

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Six Years Ago ...

I made a vow to love a truly special man to the end of time and beyond ... it was the best decision of my life. My life has been so richly blessed in the last six years and I know that I wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't said yes and devoted my life to my soul mate. Gary has made so many of my long time dreams come true and brought happiness into my life that is beyond my wildest dreams. 

Six years ago today he fulfilled my dream of being married on the birthday of one of the most amazing women I've ever known. I walked down the aisle to the man of my dreams and became his wife on my Grandma's birthday. What an incredible woman!!!! She always knew what I was feeling, even when I didn't. She knew how to make me laugh, how to make me cry when I needed to, and how to make me "fly right". My life is full of incredible, wonderful memories of growing up with the best Grandma in the world. 

Sadly, just over two years after this beautiful day my Grandma went home with the angels to live in our Lord's house forever. So today, while I celebrate six wonderful years of being Gary's wife and life partner, I am also shedding tears for my beloved Grandma. I miss her so much and wish that I could spend just one more day with her.

I love you Grandma!!!!! I miss you!!!  Thank you for being one of my best friends for most of my life - I wouldn't be who I am today if I hadn't had you to guide me and love me unconditionally. 

Happy anniversary Gary!!! It seems like just yesterday that we joined our lives together, yet I know that we've loved each other since the beginning of time. I love you, Gary - today, tomorrow, forever -- until the end of time and beyond :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blog Candy Around The Web

Debbie has some adorable stamps and other great goodies up for grabs on her blog. Closing date is August 14th.

Carla is offering some yummy blog candy until August 6th. Check it out here.

New Layouts

I'm having a great time participating in this online summer fun crop hosted by The Scrapping Nook. It is all about the Summer of '69. I love Bryan Adams so I didn't hesitate to jump onboard for the fun. I am honestly addicted to seeing what people do with the challenges that are posted. Unfortunately right now they are having trouble with their website, so in a way I am having withdrawal. I'm so anxious to post my layouts that I thought I'd post them here. 
The first one is called Criss Cross. It was based on a Keds ad from a magazine. I took inspiration from the colours, the stripes, and the stitching in the original ad. The layout is about how Sam (very new to crawling at this point) didn't want to crawl on the cold marble floor so he kept criss-crossing on the carpet in front of me.
The second layout had to include the word "Prayer". I found this beautiful paper and loved it so much that I decided to keep my layout very simple. I feel so blessed to have my children that I consider them to be God's answer to my prayers. 
I hope you enjoy the layouts :) Feel free to let me know what you think :) 

Friday, August 1, 2008

August Already and Margarita Woes

I can't believe it is August already ... where did July go? Seems like just yesterday I updated my Facebook pics of the children and now I have to do it again. 

We had a busy day today. DH decided to take me to my favourite restaurant to celebrate our anniversary (two days early). So we got the children into their car seats and headed off to Brantford. My favourite restaurant is Mexicali Rosas -- yum, yum, yum. We get there, pull into the parking lot, unload the children and go to the door. Locked. We were so surprised that we both had to yank on it, just to be sure. Only after yanking on the door several times (as if we thought it would open magically after a certain number of yanks) we notice the 8 1/2x 11 typed letter taped to the inside of the door right at eye level. Must have magically appeared there as we were yanking on the door because we didn't notice it when we walked up to the door lol. Duh!! According to the note they owe a whole boatload of $$$$ to their landlord so everything has been seized. I hope he enjoys my strawberry margarita :( So back into the van we go, disappointed, but what can you do. Of course what we didn't notice when we pulled up was the complete lack of outdoor furniture on the patio or the fact that the chairs were all up on the tables inside or that the lights were all off. Real observant aren't we?? You would think that the guy loitering outside the building could have said something to us lol - like "hey, place is closed". We found another place to eat, but we will be heading to Burlington to Mexicali Rosa's on Sunday hopefully to celebrate our anniversary - got to have the margarita.

So onto some fun stuff. Since it is now Saturday in the UK you need to slip over to Dan's blog "My Crafty Life" and check out his latest treat. Dan post all of these amazing creations - love them!!!! If you have a Cricut you want to visit Dan's blog regularly. You won't regret it :)

I'm hoping to post a couple of layouts later, but I'm having trouble getting them to upload. In the meantime, enjoy Dan's blog (see link in my Blog List).

Scrapbook and Cards Today

One of my favourite magazines is Scrapbook and Cards Today. I can't wait to get my hands on it each quarter. I love all the layouts, the articles -- even the ads!!!!!! As soon as I hear that it is available at one of the LSS I hurry in to pick up my copy. The ladies at SCT are so awesome - I even had them autograph my copy of the latest issue!!!! - they recognized how some people need an "injection" of SCT between issues. So what did they do? They started a blog!!!!!! How awesome is that? I check it every day and always leave a little love. If you haven't checked it out yet, here's your chance. Don't forget to leave a little love :) Oh, and if you comment on today's post you could win the Friday Freebie!!!!