Friday, August 1, 2008

August Already and Margarita Woes

I can't believe it is August already ... where did July go? Seems like just yesterday I updated my Facebook pics of the children and now I have to do it again. 

We had a busy day today. DH decided to take me to my favourite restaurant to celebrate our anniversary (two days early). So we got the children into their car seats and headed off to Brantford. My favourite restaurant is Mexicali Rosas -- yum, yum, yum. We get there, pull into the parking lot, unload the children and go to the door. Locked. We were so surprised that we both had to yank on it, just to be sure. Only after yanking on the door several times (as if we thought it would open magically after a certain number of yanks) we notice the 8 1/2x 11 typed letter taped to the inside of the door right at eye level. Must have magically appeared there as we were yanking on the door because we didn't notice it when we walked up to the door lol. Duh!! According to the note they owe a whole boatload of $$$$ to their landlord so everything has been seized. I hope he enjoys my strawberry margarita :( So back into the van we go, disappointed, but what can you do. Of course what we didn't notice when we pulled up was the complete lack of outdoor furniture on the patio or the fact that the chairs were all up on the tables inside or that the lights were all off. Real observant aren't we?? You would think that the guy loitering outside the building could have said something to us lol - like "hey, place is closed". We found another place to eat, but we will be heading to Burlington to Mexicali Rosa's on Sunday hopefully to celebrate our anniversary - got to have the margarita.

So onto some fun stuff. Since it is now Saturday in the UK you need to slip over to Dan's blog "My Crafty Life" and check out his latest treat. Dan post all of these amazing creations - love them!!!! If you have a Cricut you want to visit Dan's blog regularly. You won't regret it :)

I'm hoping to post a couple of layouts later, but I'm having trouble getting them to upload. In the meantime, enjoy Dan's blog (see link in my Blog List).


~Chris~ said...

Oh wow.. how disappointing.. I miss having a good Margarita.. Happy Anniversary :)

central1 said...

I guess you will have to drive to London to enjoy your favourite eatery now!