Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I think one of my most necessary tools has to be my trimmer. I have a Fiskars rotary 12 x 12 trimmer - no bells and whistles - but it gets the job done. I like it, even though it isn't fancy. I don't however love my mini trimmer - the one I bought to take "on the road". It is also a Fiskars, but it drives me crazy. The blade keeps popping off, there isn't a line for 4 3/4" because that is where the arm folds out, and the thing (nice technical term there) that holds the paper down is a real bugger to lift - I find myself prying it up every time I use it. I only bought it because it is purple - and I used to buy everything cause it was purple lol!!! So I'm thinking about getting a replacement. The only problem is that as I'm searching for a new portable trimmer I'm discovering all these different big trimmers and I'm getting a serious case of the "must haves". There are so many out there that my head is swimming with the possibilities. I just heard about one that is really hard (translation: virtually impossible) to get anymore. It is the Genesis trimmer. Never heard of it, but apparently it has been around for years. I took one look at it and fell into serious 'want' with it. It is just so cool - it's got this light thing that you can get for it and it was made to cut photographs - wow. It really isn't very exciting to look at, but based on the description I'm thinking this might just be an awesome trimmer to own. The only thing is - it isn't very portable :( 
If you are curious about the Genesis trimmer you can check it out here or here

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