Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Children's Museum

Today we took the children to the Waterloo Regional Children's Museum to see the Celebration of Canada's North and the Dinosaurs Alive exhibits. Once we arrived we took them to the area where the craft is done. Sara played for awhile then made the craft. Well, actually she just played with the balls of playdough, but I made a cute little Inukshuk. It is now sitting on the kitchen windowsill - Gary says I did a great job (I half expected him to pat me on the head). The craft leader told Sara that she had made a cute snowman face - and it was until one of the other children tried to take some of Sara's playdough, then it wasn't quite so face like :) Then we went to the Canada's North exhibit. That was interesting, but a little above Sara's head I think. The Dinosaurs Alive was awesome - huge bones and skeletons, artifacts, humungous dinosaurs!!!!! Sara loved the dinosaur she could actually sit on and the bones. Unfortunately the mechanical dinosaurs were a little much for her and the loud noises actually scared her. She wouldn't go near them!!!! Sam was almost eaten by one, but I saved him lol!!! Sara loved the ricebox (like a sandbox only filled with rice) where she could hunt for animal tracks. We had a fun afternoon.
We drove home in a torrential downpour, which then stopped by the time we pulled into the driveway, only to start up again awhile later. Rained off and on for hours. Gary almost had supper ready when Sara decided to help. She dumped an entire container of onion salt into the sauce for our pasta!!!! She thought it tasted delicious - we ended up ordering pizza :(
So it was a fun and eventful day. I didn't actually do any scrapping, but I have a lot of dinosaur pictures for a layout :) Sadly though, there aren't any pictures of the onion salt disaster (I keep telling Gary that once he determines that the children are okay he needs to take pictures!!! Oh well, at least he did the clean up).
What did you do today?

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~Chris~ said...

Wow those are some awesome Pics.. Alex would love to see something like that... Thanks for sharing these :)