Thursday, October 30, 2008


Sara is so excited about Halloween!!! All she wants to do is go trick or treating!!! We took her to Southworks Outlet Mall on Sunday for some trick or treating -- well, Gary did -- and she loved it!!!! Everybody thought her and Sam were super cute (of course)!!! The photos are all from Sunday --- meeting the clown, the blurry one (sorry) of her meeting Snow White, walking through the puddles in the parking lot, and the grape lady.
Today we took them to the Cambridge Centre for the Mommy-a-Go-Go Halloween parade. They had a great time!!!! Every time someone put a treat in Sara's treat bag she begged us to take it out and let her eat it :) It was amazing how many people were there with children in costumes -- and so many adorable costumes!!!!! It was a lot of fun, but I was really tired by the time it was over. Thank goodness Gary was there too.
Tomorrow should be exciting!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Layouts for WeScrap's Wicked Halloween Online Crop

My friend Patty and I have been enjoying the challenges and games at the WeScrap Wicked Halloween Online Crop. We played an amazing bingo game that had everyone on the edge of their seats it was sooooo close. I would have loved it if I could have completed all of the challenges posted, but this was a busy weekend for me. These are the ones I did get completed.

"Fear" is a layout for two challenges actually: the Scared Yet challenge at WeScrap and  Tara's blog challenge (see previous post for the journaling and a link to Tara's blog) -- it is all about the journaling, with some doodling to support it.

"Happy 1st Birthday" was for the Wing of Bat, Eye of Newt challenge. We were given instructions on how to create the layout (i.e. 3 photos, piece of ephemera, double mat one photo, etcetera) and then were told to put it all together. It was fun and very interesting to see how all the different layouts turned out even though the instructions were the same.

"Talk About Spooky" was for the Let's Face It challenge. I had to create a face to use on the layout. Gary was a very good sport about this one :) He actually loved what I did with his face lol.

"My Guys" was completed for the Wicked Layout Sketch challenge. I turned the sketch on it's side and made a few slight changes. Love my guys!!!!

"Wild Thing" was for the Batty Layout Bingo challenge. I chose the following three things: 1) use something Halloween related (paper and photo), 2) add some stitching (mine is doodled, around the photos), and 3) use two types of ribbon. Isn't Sara adorable in her giraffe costume? Oh, guess now you know what she is going to be for Halloween LOL!!!!

"Little Lion King" was for the really cool Haunted Halloword challege. I had to select some words from a Halloween list (I chose nine) and then each of those words was assigned a layout requirement that I had to use on my layout. I chose All Hallows Eve (brown and yellow), ghost (white), magic (doodle), ogre (one photo), pointed hat (handwritten journaling), raven (3 circles), web (bling), witch (black cardstock) and wizard (tear paper). And now you know what Sammy is dressing as for Halloween too!!!!

Thanks for looking and thanks to all the folks at WeScrap for a great online crop!!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Fears Challenge

Tara has posted a challenge on her blog to blog about Fears, so here goes.


There are a lot of things I worry about --- bad storms, tornadoes, car accidents, money --- but they don't occupy my mind all the time. Then you have the things that I'm afraid of, which I only think about when they are actually right in front of me usually. 

I'm afraid of spiders -- Gary knows if I see one that he has to come running as soon as I scream. I lived in a house once that was infested with the grossest spiders -- they were huge and if you stepped on them they would make this crunch sound and KEEP WALKING!!!!!! Yuck!!!
I'm afraid of snakes -- doesn't matter what size they are, I see one, I'm running the other way. That was the worst part of growing up in the country, there were always snakes. And having two brothers didn't help. Oh I hope my children don't take an interest in snakes.
I'm afraid of heights -- anytime where there is the possibility that I could fall scares me -- ladders, trees, edge of a cliff. Strangely enough I'm not afraid of being in tall buildings like the CN tower (although I did keep my eyes closed on the way up), or airplanes, but put me on a ladder or stand me on a chair and I'm scared!!! Maybe it is because I have lousy balance and I'm always afraid I'll fall.
I'm afraid of tornadoes (see worry above) -- they are the one type of weather that can really get to me. Thunderstorms don't bother me. Snowstorms only bother me when I have to be out in them (or someone I love is). But as soon as I see the tornado watch or the tornado warning I get scared. I watch the sky to see if it looks funny. I wait for wind to change. I listen intently for animals. I saw what one could do up close and personal as a child. I came very close to losing people I loved -- if the tornado had zigged instead of zagged I would have. It was closer than I ever want to get again. I respect tornadoes, you have to respect something with that much power and the ability to destroy everything it touches in the blink of an eye - and I would be happy to stay out of their way for the rest of my life.

I'm not afraid of blood (love medical shows where you see the surgery) or scary movies (a lot are so fake they make me laugh) or wild animals (as long as they aren't charging me, but since I won't go to Africa or inside cages at the zoo I hope I am relatively safe in that respect).
But I do have a fear. I have a big fear. A fear bigger than anything else I've ever been afraid of. 

It's a health related fear.

My fear is that something will happen to someone I love very much or to myself that will tear our lives apart forever. I fear something horrible happening to one of my children's health, something that I can't fix with a bandaid and a kiss. I fear something happening to my husband's health, something that can't be healed or cured. I fear something happening to me that will take me away from my wonderful family. I fear leaving my husband without a wife and my children without a mother. 
It happened to someone I cared about very deeply -- she was one of my dearest friends. She was an amazing wife and mother to three small children. Her whole life was devoted to her family. She did everything "right" -- never smoked, never drank, exercised, ate right. She didn't have a mean or evil bone in her body. I don't think she was capable of thinking bad thoughts about anyone -- family, friend or stranger. She was my inspiration, she was someone I looked up to, she was someone I have always wanted to be like. She was an angel here on earth and then one day she found out she had cancer. She fought with everything she had, spent every moment she could with her children, tried to leave them each gifts of love for when she wasn't there. And one day God needed her in Heaven and the angels took her home.

So give me spiders and snakes and wobbly ladders and even tornadoes, but please don't take away the people I love -- my children -- or take me away from them.

That is my biggest fear. 

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sneak Peek

We celebrated Sam's birthday with his little friends on Saturday. As part of the party we had the children put on their Halloween costumes and get their pictures taken. What a cute group they were!!!!! Of course, I can't give away what Sara and Sam dressed as -- must keep it a big secret until Halloween -- but I thought I'd give you a sneak peek!!!! Enjoy!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cool Class : Stories In Hand

I just signed up for this cool class at It is free and should be a lot of fun. Would you like to join me?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's Here!!!!

Woo hoo!!! This morning in my mailbox I found this large package from Cindy at I was so excited!!!!! My prize had arrived!!!!! The yummy Core'dinations My Chocolate Box paper!!!!!

Check out these 'color' names: cherry cordial, caramel, amaretto, orange cream, maplenut, bananas foster, pistachio nut, key lime, chocolate chip mint, french mint, dewberry, cool mint truffle, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry cordial, berries jubilee, black cherry, hazelnut, strawberries n' cream, and french vanilla.


The only thing lacking is a yummy chocolate scent (which I'm told you can get in embossing powder lol).

Thanks Cindy!!!!! I'm delighted to have my paper!!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

50 Things About Me

I posted this on the Cricutlovers and Cutters Creek Yahoo groups that I belong to, so I thought I would post it here as well. It was kind of fun thinking of 50 things to share.

  1. My Mom wanted to name me Audra after the character in The Big Valley
  2. My middle name is Lori Ann Marie
  3. The Lori and Ann are from my Mom's name Lorraine
  4. I am the youngest of three and the only girl
  5. I got my first job when my middle brother decided he no longer wanted to do it - working on a neighbour's chicken farm collecting eggs -- yuck!!!
  6. Growing up I dreamed of becoming a doctor -- I wanted to be an ER doc where I thought the excitement was
  7. I buried my medical dreams with my best friend when he died in 1986, I decided to become something 'safer'
  8. I used to drive in fields and on back roads before I had a driver's license
  9. I had guinea pigs when I was a child -- they got together one night and we had more guinea pigs
  10. At one point I had 13 cats as pets (mostly outdoors - we lived in the country), when we were down to only two my Dad decided they were bothering his allergies and shipped them off to a farm
  11. I've never been out of North America
  12. I've never been to Disney -- although I hope to take my children some day
  13. I love Eeyore
  14. I hate to cook -- that's why it took me so long to find my hubby, I needed a man who loved to cook!!!
  15. I hate to be alone
  16. I watched all of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies with my youth group at my pastor's house
  17. I love Science Fiction -- movies and novels
  18. My Dad and I saw the original 3 Star Wars movies at the theatre multiple times by lurking in the back after the early show so that we could watch them again at the next showing
  19. I have two wonderful and precious children - the million dollar family -- a daughter and a son
  20. I was in Beckers when I first heard that Elvis was dead -- I was too young to know exactly what that meant at the time, but I knew it was awful and started to cry -- I love Elvis
  21. I still sometimes think about going to med school, but only because I'd like to find a way to heal myself
  22. I live with a headache 24/7 and most of the time it is migraine strength
  23. I wear my heart on my sleeve
  24. I love to do crafts -- especially scrapbooking
  25. I like my toenails painted and love to wear sandals
  26. My hubby made all of my dreams come true -- every one of them (except the doctor thing)
  27. I was married on my Grandma's birthday, which was one of my childhood dreams
  28. I was a 4H'er growing up
  29. My Lord carried me through the death of my best friend and helped my find my way without the person I thought I would grow old with
  30. Until 1986 I was convinced that I was destined to be the wife of a farmer, but God had different plans because my hubby has never even lived on a farm
  31. The most difficult thing I have ever had to live through was the death of my Daddy -- I had a hard time finding my way in a world without Daddy in it -- I miss him every day
  32. I got a head injury while riding my bicycle when I collided with another cyclist who was going the wrong way -- people joked that I was literally throwing myself at men!!!! -- that was exactly one year before 9/11
  33. I met my hubby to be on a blind date sort of thing -- I was the only female invited to an all male card party so that I could meet him -- scary!!!!
  34. I realized that I was in love with my boyfriend (now hubby) after getting a concussion from being hit in the head with a basketball (concussion on top of head injury does not make a good combination)
  35. I LOVE the tenth doctor in Doctor Who (David Tennant)!!!! I hope he never leaves :)
  36. I started collecting scrapbook supplies in 2002 when I wanted to do my wedding album --- it still isn't started LOL -- didn't start scrapbooking until 2006
  37. I hate seafood and most vegetables
  38. When I'm not doing things with my children I am usually on the internet
  39. I recently got my Mom into scrapbooking
  40. I love my Cricut, but don't get to use it as much as I want
  41. I love being able to chat with my good friend Patty
  42. I love to bake -- especially chocolate chip cookies
  43. I am a peanut butter and chocolate addict -- the only thing that comes close are peanut M&Ms
  44. I hate cleaning and like to think of my decorating style as "organized chaos"
  45. I love to write short stories and have been working on a novel since I was in high school -- I was 'famous' for writing it at school
  46. I'd love to publish my novel, but I'm too scared to try
  47. My favourite music is Contemporary Christian/Worship -- I love Michael W. Smith
  48. I grew up watching John Wayne movies with my Daddy -- I used to know most of the dialogue by heart
  49. I love being a Mom, a wife and a teacher
  50. My Lord is my Saviour and I wouldn't be where I am without Him -- thank you Lord!!!!

Fiskars Online Crop

I completed two layouts in the last 24 hours, both for the online crop on the Fiskateers site. The "Spider Sam" layout was inspired by a layout in the gallery. Sam has this really cute way of crawling now, which we figure is a precursor to walking. He sticks his butt up in the air and straightens his legs, but keeps his hands on the floor -- the he "spider crawls" all over the house. It is so cute to see :)
The "A Handsome Prince" layout is based on the Fiskars October sketch. The pictures are all of our little prince on his first birthday. Don't you love that crown?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Have you seen my muse?

Lost: 1 muse - highly creative, full of inspiration, will motivate in an instant -- Have you see her?

I have several projects on the go right now, and I'm seriously lacking in the motivation to get them done. I hate when I have things I want to get done and the creative spark just isn't there. With the worries I have constantly running through my mind right now, creativity and inspiration aren't coming easily. Yet my scrapbooking is my outlet for the stress of worrying about the "what ifs" in my life right now, so having creative block isn't a good thing. 

So here is what I am trying to accomplish, although I may not get it all done:

3 layouts for the 18th - just for fun
1 acrylic album for the 30th - for a contest
3 layouts, 2 cards and 1 altered item for the 31st - for a DT call
1 project for Nov. 10th - for a contest
and possibly, although I haven't decided for sure 
1 layout also for the 10th - for a contest

That doesn't include the little list of ideas I've picked up from challenges and things I've discovered around the web - sketch layouts, Cricut projects, various little challenges too numerous to mention that involve learning new little techniques - that I'd really like to try to do someday.

So, if you find my muse wandering around somewhere out there please send her home. I really really need her :) I need something, aside from my wonderful family, to distract my mind from all those nasty "what ifs".

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Scrapping Nook Challenge Layouts

The Scrapping Nook held a mini online crop in honour of Margo's birthday on October 7th. I was excited to play along, especially since Margo and I share the same birthdate (although different years). I won a RAK for getting the correct answer in a game they played -- the RAK is courtesy of another person named Heather -- isn't that funny? I did three layouts for the challenges they posted - and all three ended up being Halloween layouts.
"First Halloween" was for the Halloween challenge - Margo loves Halloween!!! The layout is of Sara's first Halloween along with her friend Jadyn (he's Tigger). Aren't they cute?
"She's Grreat" was for the Margo challenge - I had to use things that used the letters in Margo's name. For this layout I used Making Memories papers, American Crafts Thickers, Ribbon, Glitter letters and Orange. That's my sweet girl in her lion costume on her first Halloween!!! Isn't she adorable?
"The Good Witch" was for the Use Your "Old" Stash challenge. The papers were the oldest ones I could find -- they were at the bottom of my stack of papers that I thought I would never use so they must be older. Amazingly, now that I see them together on this layout I actually like them :) This is Sara modeling a witch costume we picked up for her at the used store for her to play dress up with. She really loved it, although the netting wasn't well sewn so my Mom had to do some fixing on it. Isn't my girl beautiful?

Thanks for looking at my layouts :) I hope you enjoyed them :)

Thanks Vernette!!!!

My special prize from Vernette arrived today. I won it for matching all the cowboys and cowgirls to their horses during the online crop at Love Is In The Details. Thanks Vernette -- I love my prize :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Blogoversary Candy

Would you like to win this?

If so, then get yourself over to Natalie's blog Crafting Fun and enter her blog candy. She will be selecting someone on October 18th to win this fabulous package of goodies. Isn't that bag fantastic?

Don't forget to take a good look around while you are there :)

*** Winner was announced

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend and a great turkey day :) 

I feel very blessed to have spent today with my children and my hubby, as well as our good friends Rob, Sue and Brock. We visited the Rockton Fair together and had a wonderful day. We were delighted to watch Brock win second at the baby show -- way to go Brock!!!!! 

It was such a beautiful day -- can't believe it is almost the middle of October :)

What am I thankful for this Thanksgiving? My precious children Sara and Samuel, my wonderful loving hubby Gary, my dear family and friends, the many wonderful blessings God has bestowed upon us, and the constant reminder of God's love in our lives.

God bless you all today and always :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Here's The Birthday Boy!!!!

Samuel had a wonderful day turning one!!!!! Boy did he enjoy his cake!!!!!

My Layout Prize

Here, finally, is the promised photo of my prize from Simply Scrapping for winning the layout contest. Papers and embellishments are from the Zach's Life line of My Little Yellow Bicycle, along with Thickers and Bazzill cardstock. Thanks Lucy!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Look Who's One!!!!

Happy first birthday Little Man!!!!!! We love you Sam!!!!
Yes, my baby is one today!!!! I can't believe how fast the year has gone. 
It has been an amazing year of laughter, smiles, magical firsts and dreams come true. 
I am so blessed to be this little man's Mommy, and to have him, his big sister and his Daddy in my life :) 
What a wonderful day!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Psst!!!!! How About a Silly Monkey Craft???

Did I get your attention??? I hope so, because Silly Monkey Crafts is giving away some really yummy blog candy on their blog. The winner will be chosen on October 15th!!!!! You won't want to miss this one :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Prayer Request

I heard some very sad news tonight. For months I, along with many other people in my local scrapbook community, have been praying for a little five year old girl named Alison who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. I sadly have never had the chance to meet either Alison or her family, but I have been keeping them in my prayers. Earlier this evening I heard the heart breaking news that sweet little Alison passed away yesterday. My heart breaks for her parents and the rest of her family. Please join me in praying for Alison's family during this devastating time and in the months ahead. I know God is with them all. Please pray for strength and comfort for this grieving family.

Birthday Surprise

My birthday was on Tuesday :) My hubby surprised me with some very special treats throughout the day - balloons, flowers, presents, an awesome supper, a yummy cake!!! He made it a super day, along with my sweet children and my Mom :)
I also received a special birthday surprise - the layout I entered in the contest at Simply Scrapping received the highest votes - so I won!!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!! The layouts I was up against were very beautiful too, so I'm very honoured to have been chosen.

I will try to remember to take a picture of my prize. I received a kit put together with the Zach's Life line from My Little Yellow Bicycle. Very nice!!!!

Thanks Simply Scrapping!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Wish Layout

This layout was created from a kit purchased from Two Scrapbook Friends. I only made a couple of very minor changes to it, so it is almost precisely as it was designed to be. I love these photos of Sara and Sam at Lowes - they loved riding in the car cart and loved being together. Sorry for the crooked photo :(

Monday, October 6, 2008

Designs by Shelle Prize

Yippee!!!!!!! I won some blog candy at Designs by Shelle!!!!! I was one of five people chosen to win two sets from Shelle's Autumn Medley collection. I chose the elements and the leaves.Congratulations to my fellow winners - Muriel, Teresa, Marilyn and Renee!!!! I'm sure they find the collection as beautiful as I do :) Thanks so much to Shelle for my prize!!!!! You can check out Shelle's blog here and her store here. Her work is fabulous!!!!! 

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Corrosive Creations

Talk about an intriguing name for a blog "Corrosive Creations by Janet" - I just had to check it out!!! I was delighted to discover that Janet is offering some fantastic blog candy for helping her reach 1000 hits. Drop by "Corrosive Creations" and help her reach her goal!!! As well, if you post about her blog candy on your blog you get a chance to win her great blog candy. As always, take a look around. You'll be thrilled with how much you can find on these wonderful blogs :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Searching for Blog Candy?

Check out the following:

Marlene is celebrating her birthday and you get a chance at the present!!!! The goodies are fabulous!!! Drop by and leave her some birthday wishes!!!! Don't forget to look around too!!!

Fran has some lovely blog candy for you today. Check it out and check out her blog while you are there :)

Angeljakki is also giving away an awesome blog candy -- including a really cute Santa stamp!! Please visit her blog and say hello :)

Gill has some fabulous blog candy up for grabs in honour of hitting 10,000 hits. Drop by, take a look around and say hello. Don't forget to wish her a happy birthday too (for the 9th)!!!!

Lim is offering some great blog candy too. Drop by her blog and leave a comment. She'd really like to hear about your stamp storage ideas while you are there.

Don't forget to check out some of the other wonderful blog candy chances I posted about recently. It's fun!!!!

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (shouldn't every month be?) so please join me in helping to fund free mammograms for needy women. All you have to do is click on the pink button at The Breast Cancer Site once a day to help provide free mammograms. It is that easy, and only takes a minute or two of your time. 

You could be helping to save a life.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Won!!!!!

Woo hoo!!!!! I'm on a roll!!!! 
First, on Sunday I found out that I won a prize from the online crop at LIITD :) I had so much fun doing the challenges that the prize is icing on the cake. I found another great place to hang out and visit via their forum. I'm so excited about my prize. Isn't that paper gorgeous??? A huge thank you to Lori and everyone at Love Is In The Details!!!!
Next I learned that I won a special prize for guessing the most correct answers in one of the contests that was part of the online crop. I matched up cowboys/cowgirls and their horses. I have to say a huge thank you to my Daddy (miss him so much) up in heaven because I wouldn't have figured them out if he hadn't been a huge Western fan. I don't know what my prize is, but I know it will be awesome. Big thank you to Vernette for posting the contest and offering the special prize!!!!!!!
Then today I learned that my fall layout Beauti-Fall won for best layout in the Fall contest sponsored by on the Yahoo group. I'm so honoured because I was up against many wonderful creations. And I'm so excited!!! The prize is a package of the new chocolate Coredinations!!!!! I can't wait!!!! I love Coredinations paper!!!!! I've been drooling over the chocolate paper ever since I set eyes on it while browsing the online pictures of Summer CHA releases. Thank you Cindy from!!!!!!!!
To top it all off, my doctor came through for me on Wednesday and booked the appointments that I need. So that brings me one step closer to solving my health mystery. Thanks to everyone for the prayers, positive thoughts and support :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Not One But Two Blog Candy Prizes

Chris is celebrating her sweet daughter's first birthday today - Happy Birthday Madison!!!!! In honour of this very important day Chris is offering not one, but two blog candy prizes. Don't they look amazing?? For your chance to win head over to Chris' blog, post a comment and mention her blog candy on your blog. Chris is keeping it open until October 19th, which is another very significant day for her. 

Susan Bluerobot Has Awesome Blog Candy

If you own a Cricut and you have the Design Studio or Sure Cuts A Lot, then you have probably heard of Susan Bluerobot. Susan very generously posts ideas and files for people to use with their Cricuts. Her work is absolutely amazing!!!! I only recently acquired Design Studio and I'm hoping to set it up on Gary's new laptop. Once I have it up and running, I will be visiting Susan's blog on a regular basis. Susan is very excited - her blog counter is very close to clicking over the 200,000 mark. In honour of this, Susan is offering some wonderful blog candy from ALOTA Rubber Stamps. Post a comment on her blog and you will get a chance to win this wonderful blog candy. While you are there take a look around and see what wonderful things Susan has posted on her blog. Have fun :)
Big thank you to Susan for offering this wonderful treat to us :) You rock!!!!

Keep Your Fingers Crossed

Please send positive vibes my way tomorrow. I am hopefully going to me family doctor to get some necessary paperwork that will take a lot of stress off my back right now. If my doctor cooperates I will be one step closer to solving the mystery of my health right now. I am hoping and praying that he will see that this is the best thing for me and will be on the side of getting me well again. Please send your prayers my way that everything will be fine.

A Little Fall For You :)

Today's post features some Fall items that I completed for a contest. I had to submit a layout, a card, and an altered item with Autumn/Fall as the theme. 

"Beauti-Fall" used the sketch for the Fall issue of Scrapbook and Cards Today. I used Crystal Lacquer on the brackets. I really like how this layout turned out.

The Fall box is an altered cardboard box from a woodworking supply store. They were free so I grabbed a bunch. I am going to use them to store my rubons, stickers and other embellishments by season. I may expand beyond seasons, but for now I am sticking to seasons. I absolutely adore the pumpkin ribbon (bought at Michaels).

The turkey card has to be my most favourite card that I've made. I love how it turned out :)

I hope you enjoyed looking at my latest Fall creations :)