Thursday, October 30, 2008


Sara is so excited about Halloween!!! All she wants to do is go trick or treating!!! We took her to Southworks Outlet Mall on Sunday for some trick or treating -- well, Gary did -- and she loved it!!!! Everybody thought her and Sam were super cute (of course)!!! The photos are all from Sunday --- meeting the clown, the blurry one (sorry) of her meeting Snow White, walking through the puddles in the parking lot, and the grape lady.
Today we took them to the Cambridge Centre for the Mommy-a-Go-Go Halloween parade. They had a great time!!!! Every time someone put a treat in Sara's treat bag she begged us to take it out and let her eat it :) It was amazing how many people were there with children in costumes -- and so many adorable costumes!!!!! It was a lot of fun, but I was really tired by the time it was over. Thank goodness Gary was there too.
Tomorrow should be exciting!!!!

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~Chris~ said...

OMG look at those Pics.. Soo cute.. Love the Costumes. Hope they had a great Halloween..