Sunday, October 19, 2008

50 Things About Me

I posted this on the Cricutlovers and Cutters Creek Yahoo groups that I belong to, so I thought I would post it here as well. It was kind of fun thinking of 50 things to share.

  1. My Mom wanted to name me Audra after the character in The Big Valley
  2. My middle name is Lori Ann Marie
  3. The Lori and Ann are from my Mom's name Lorraine
  4. I am the youngest of three and the only girl
  5. I got my first job when my middle brother decided he no longer wanted to do it - working on a neighbour's chicken farm collecting eggs -- yuck!!!
  6. Growing up I dreamed of becoming a doctor -- I wanted to be an ER doc where I thought the excitement was
  7. I buried my medical dreams with my best friend when he died in 1986, I decided to become something 'safer'
  8. I used to drive in fields and on back roads before I had a driver's license
  9. I had guinea pigs when I was a child -- they got together one night and we had more guinea pigs
  10. At one point I had 13 cats as pets (mostly outdoors - we lived in the country), when we were down to only two my Dad decided they were bothering his allergies and shipped them off to a farm
  11. I've never been out of North America
  12. I've never been to Disney -- although I hope to take my children some day
  13. I love Eeyore
  14. I hate to cook -- that's why it took me so long to find my hubby, I needed a man who loved to cook!!!
  15. I hate to be alone
  16. I watched all of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies with my youth group at my pastor's house
  17. I love Science Fiction -- movies and novels
  18. My Dad and I saw the original 3 Star Wars movies at the theatre multiple times by lurking in the back after the early show so that we could watch them again at the next showing
  19. I have two wonderful and precious children - the million dollar family -- a daughter and a son
  20. I was in Beckers when I first heard that Elvis was dead -- I was too young to know exactly what that meant at the time, but I knew it was awful and started to cry -- I love Elvis
  21. I still sometimes think about going to med school, but only because I'd like to find a way to heal myself
  22. I live with a headache 24/7 and most of the time it is migraine strength
  23. I wear my heart on my sleeve
  24. I love to do crafts -- especially scrapbooking
  25. I like my toenails painted and love to wear sandals
  26. My hubby made all of my dreams come true -- every one of them (except the doctor thing)
  27. I was married on my Grandma's birthday, which was one of my childhood dreams
  28. I was a 4H'er growing up
  29. My Lord carried me through the death of my best friend and helped my find my way without the person I thought I would grow old with
  30. Until 1986 I was convinced that I was destined to be the wife of a farmer, but God had different plans because my hubby has never even lived on a farm
  31. The most difficult thing I have ever had to live through was the death of my Daddy -- I had a hard time finding my way in a world without Daddy in it -- I miss him every day
  32. I got a head injury while riding my bicycle when I collided with another cyclist who was going the wrong way -- people joked that I was literally throwing myself at men!!!! -- that was exactly one year before 9/11
  33. I met my hubby to be on a blind date sort of thing -- I was the only female invited to an all male card party so that I could meet him -- scary!!!!
  34. I realized that I was in love with my boyfriend (now hubby) after getting a concussion from being hit in the head with a basketball (concussion on top of head injury does not make a good combination)
  35. I LOVE the tenth doctor in Doctor Who (David Tennant)!!!! I hope he never leaves :)
  36. I started collecting scrapbook supplies in 2002 when I wanted to do my wedding album --- it still isn't started LOL -- didn't start scrapbooking until 2006
  37. I hate seafood and most vegetables
  38. When I'm not doing things with my children I am usually on the internet
  39. I recently got my Mom into scrapbooking
  40. I love my Cricut, but don't get to use it as much as I want
  41. I love being able to chat with my good friend Patty
  42. I love to bake -- especially chocolate chip cookies
  43. I am a peanut butter and chocolate addict -- the only thing that comes close are peanut M&Ms
  44. I hate cleaning and like to think of my decorating style as "organized chaos"
  45. I love to write short stories and have been working on a novel since I was in high school -- I was 'famous' for writing it at school
  46. I'd love to publish my novel, but I'm too scared to try
  47. My favourite music is Contemporary Christian/Worship -- I love Michael W. Smith
  48. I grew up watching John Wayne movies with my Daddy -- I used to know most of the dialogue by heart
  49. I love being a Mom, a wife and a teacher
  50. My Lord is my Saviour and I wouldn't be where I am without Him -- thank you Lord!!!!

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~Chris~ said...

That was beautiful to read... I hope you find the courage to publish your Novel.. What is it about??? Would love to hear more!