Friday, August 8, 2008

Copic Markers

I've been hearing people talking about how great Copic markers are. Leading up to CHA summer I saw posts everywhere asking about Copic markers and whether anyone was going to order them into their stores. Yet no one was saying why they were so great or why they really wanted them. I'd never heard of them before. So I figured I would wait until they arrived at one of my LSS and check them out. Well, they arrived and yesterday I actually saw them. They looked very nice in the holder - but my eyes bugged out at the price -- $9.50 Canadian --- for one marker!!!! Umm, okay, nice markers, stay in that holder, I'm backing slowly away. I was afraid to pick one up for fear I'd be told that since I touched it I would have to buy it!!!! I felt like I was looking at the Royal Doulton of markers sitting there. Still didn't have any idea why these markers were so amazing nor why supposedly I "had to have them". I think I will just visit them from time to time at the LSS.

Well, today in my inbox I discover my latest update from Craft Critique. This is such a great idea - their header on the blog reads "Unsolicited opinions on the subject of craft" - how cool is that!!!! Some times the critique is about these cool things that I decide I "must have" and sometimes the critiques are about things that I have no interest in (and sometimes it is something I've never even seen before). I liked the idea so much that I subscribed to receive their updates in my inbox. So today I click on the latest update and -- surprise!!!! Copic Markers!!!!!! Was someone reading my mind???? So now I know a little bit about Copic markers (I won't spoil it for you - go check out Craft Critique and find out for yourself). My favourite line was one of their cons: "These markers are not inexpensive." No kidding!!!! 

If Copic Markers are one of your "must haves" then I wish you a lot of fun and creativity with them. As for me -- well, I think they all looked really comfortable and happy in their little display holders ... who am I to split up the set??? But I'll visit, I promise :)

P.S. If any of my friends are buying Copic markers and want to invite me over to play with them I will happily accept the invitation :) Just let me know - I'm free on Thursday ...

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