Thursday, August 7, 2008

Today I Heard ...

I heard a sad rumour today. Daisy D's is closing their doors :( I've now seen this a few different places, although there is nothing on their blog yet (last post was July 21st). What I've heard is that they are not printing their new lines and everything is on sale until it is gone (and by gone I mean gone forever). It always makes me sad when I hear of a company closing it's doors. I think of the employees who will no longer have jobs, the families that will be affected by it, the designers who won't see their work produced. I think of the dream that started it all and how sad it must be that the dream is now coming to an end. That must be so hard. I didn't like all of their stuff - but I don't think there is a manufacturer that I can say I do like all of their stuff, so that doesn't matter - however I did like some of their items. I'm sad to see them going out of business. Hopefully everyone involved and affected will find something good to move on to.

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