Sunday, January 4, 2009

First Layout of the Year

I finally finished my first layout of the year. So now I can at last say that I am one layout closer to achieving my goal for this year. I set myself a goal of making 365 pages or cards this year. A good friend recommended that I revise it to 52 layouts or cards this year, since that is a more realistic goal. So as of now I have completed 1/52 layouts or 2/365 pages for this year. Yeah me!!!!!!!!! 

This layout was completed for a layout contest at Simply Scrapping. I used the My Little Yellow Bicycle Christmas Magic Collection for this layout -- I love this collection!!!!!!!!! The only thing I added that wasn't from the collection was the Stickles --- I used Holly, very pretty. 
The layout is called "Sitting on Santa's Lap". The photos showcase the three different Santas that Sara and Samuel met this year. The big photo is the Santa at the Cambridge Centre --- it's the only picture where both of them look relaxed and somewhat happy. I think Sam was happy because he had a candy cane -- give him food and he doesn't care who is holding him LOL. The next photo is my favourite Santa - the one that came to our house. He was the most authentic of the three. He spent a lot of time letting the children warm up to him, talking to them quietly and trying to make them feel comfortable. By the time we took the photo Sam was no longer crying, but he still wasn't sure about the big guy in the red suit. Thankfully big sister had a protective arm around him so he felt safe. The final photo is of the Santa at Southworks Outlet Mall. He sits in his sleigh outside with Prancer to keep him company and the children are allowed to sit in his sleigh. Sam didn't like this at all. Sara was excited right up until we put her in the sleigh --- then she did her impersonation of someone who feels very guilty for being very naughty. Thank goodness that Santa is a man of infinite patience.

If you happen to visit Cambridge in the next two weeks, please stop by Simply Scrapping at Southworks and vote for your favourite layout. My Mom has also submitted a layout for this one.

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Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper) said...

I love the layout Heather! Your babies are so darling. Thanks for sharing!