Thursday, September 18, 2008

How Scary Is This?????

Yikes!!!!!!! Definitely not one of my favourite photos or my finest moment LOL!!!! This was me last night at the Paris Sleep Lab - an experience I do not ever want to have to have again. What a nightmare!!!!! Do you know what happens when you take a person who has persistent headaches (for over eight years now) and attach all of these things to her head?? The headache gets WORSE!!!!!! Every spot on my head that had one of these sensors on it was a spot where the headache intensified. I spent most of the night feeling like my head was going to explode. That doesn't even count the discomfort of the wires wrapping themselves around me or the pressure of this thing on my finger they used to monitor oxygen or something. Nor does it take into consideration that the bed was like Fred and Wilma's on the Flintstones (i.e. rock hard), the room was freezing, the room was on the street side of the building so I heard every vehicle that went by, there was enough light coming into the room to read by (and that was with the lights off), and I could hear all the voices from the rest of the building all night long. My 'neighbour' had this loud deep voice and I'm positive that they sat in his room chatting most of the night because I could hear him talking long into the night. Arrggghhh!!!! Add to that the fact that I'm sensitive to adhesive tape so all night long the tape they used to hold things on was driving me nuts!!!! I also now have red rashes wherever there was tape on me -- THANKS!!!! (read with heavy sarcastic tone). To add insult to injury they insisted that I sleep on my back -- which I never do. So I didn't sleep!!!!! They should have called it the Paris Don't Sleep Lab in my opinion. Just be glad I didn't take an after photo --- even I would be scared of that!!!!

Gary, being the sweetheart that he is, said this picture reminded him of something from the horror movie Scanners. Too bad I was too tired to kick him for that one.


denise.crosby said...

OMG! I know I have a sleep disorder. I am up 6-7 times a night! I go from my bed to my chair all night long. Once in awhile I take Tylenol pm and only get up a couple of times, but if I have to go through what you did, UH I think I will live with it.
YIKES! Next time kick him!!

~Chris~ said...

I am sooooooooooo sorry you had to go thru that.. I hope that with all you been thru they can figure out how to help you.. Headaches are a PITA... Hope you have gotten some sleep now and the Headaches are better!