Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Date Night

Tuesday night Gary and I went on a date!!!! It was actually part two of date night as we went out for supper on Sunday. It was so strange to go out without the children - especially twice in just a few days. We were going to do dinner and a movie on Sunday, but we talked ourselves into waiting for "cheap" night instead. Dinner on Sunday was fabulous!!!! The movie tonight?? Well it left a lot to be desired. I let Gary pick because I was treating him for his birthday (coming up this weekend). Of course he picked a "guy" movie - Tropic Thunder (I wanted to go see Mamma Mia). After sitting through over half an hour of previews the movie started 25 minutes late. We weren't impressed with that. The foul language was horrible -- I can't believe what passes for a 14A movie -- it should have had an R rating in my opinion based on all the F words -- ruined the movie for me. Oh well, it was a night out and that was fun.

On another not so great note -- we got a really bad scare tonight, but thankfully everything is okay. We didn't realize that we had something in our house that had been recalled recently and our dd got into it. We called the company's hot line number right away and after what seemed like forever agonizing over this we were reassured that the product in question had been tested and was negative for the contaminant. We were so relieved that we just bawled our eyes out. I'm still worried though and will be keeping a very close eye on her over the next few days for any signs of illness. Please say a prayer that what the company said is true and that my precious dd will remain healthy and strong. 

Oh, and take a moment to double check that you don't have anything on a recall list. We can't believe we missed this in the very back of the fridge. Very scary!!

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