Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Great Weekend!!!

We had a fabulous weekend visiting Gary's cousin Shelley and her daughter Amber. Can't believe how much Amber has grown since we saw them last. She has turned into a lovely young lady :) Sara formed an almost instant bond with Amber, despite a nearly 15 year age difference. She wanted to follow her everywhere and Amber demonstrated a lot of patience in dealing with Sara. Both Sara and Sam loved Shelley and you could tell that she was head over heals for them as well. You'd never know it was the first time they'd met!! Visiting Shelley and Amber was like going home - the moment we walked through the door we felt comfortable and welcomed, and very quickly it was like we had just been together last week rather than six years ago. We stayed up until early Sunday morning talking about everything, then resumed our conversation first thing Sunday morning. Shelley really spoiled us too -- we ate like royalty. Unfortunately Shelley's parents were unable to join us after all -- her Mom was ill and her Dad was driving a charter bus --- what a guy!!!!! We'll just have to go back for another visit very soon so that we can see them too. It was such a great weekend that I was very sad to see it end and have to return home. I just hope we get back to visit them again soon :)

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