Monday, February 16, 2009

Kreativ Blogger

I have been a little slow getting things done recently, so this post is well overdue.

I am honoured to announce that a very special lady named Joanne gave me the Kreativ Blogger award recently. I am so touched that she feels I am worthy of receiving this honour. Joanne is a wonderful lady and is one of the two owners of a fabulous local scrapbook store that I love - Two Scrapbook Friends. If you happen to be in Waterloo Ontario I highly recommend that you check out their awesome store. You won't be disappointed!!! Both Joanne and Carolyn are super friendly, and you are guaranteed to find items that you can't possibly do without. They always have amazing papers and embellishments, as well as the most fabulous classes/kits I have ever seen. I am a self admitted kit addict and very rarely ever leave the store without at least one new kit in my possession. It is also a great store if you are into the Cricut, because not only do they carry the cartridges and accessories, but they will gladly order things in for you AND they rent out the cartridges. How cool is that????

Joanne has a wonderful blog -- very heart warming, welcoming and beautiful -- just like Joanne herself. She has a way with words -- it seems like she knows the perfect way to capture and express things. I love reading her blog!!! I hope you will check it out too.

So, as part of the Kreativ Blogger award I am supposed to share a few things about myself. 

7 things I did before:
drove at night
rode my bicycle daily
slept in often
spent a lot of time at stores that sold CDs 
lived in an apartment
read for hours on end
dabbled in a variety of crafts

7 things I do now:
wake up to the sound of sweet little voices (my wonderful Sara and Sam)
live in a wonderful house with my beautiful family
play with toys
shop mainly at scrapbook stores
enjoy having someone else do all the cooking (thanks Gary!!!!)
feel completely and richly blessed (thank you God!!!!)

7 things I want to do:
get rid of my headaches and feel better
travel with my family
be able to wear my skinny clothes
keep in touch with people more regularly
do more things with my children
be a better scrapbooker
be a better Christian (we can all stand to improve, right?)

7 people I nominate for this award:

Thanks again Joanne!!!! This means so much to me :)

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~Chris~ said...

Congratulations... You deserve it!