Monday, November 3, 2008

More Halloween Photos and My Favourite Halloween Memory

Some more photos from Halloween 2008.

Tara posted a mini challenge on her blog regarding our favourite Halloween memory. So far I have two, both involving my sweet Sara.

Last year I worked really hard teaching 21 month old Sara to say "Trick or Treat". It took awhile, but she finally seemed to have the hang of it. We ventured out and headed to the first house. On the way there I asked her what she had to say and she said proudly "Trick or treat". She knocks on the first door and our neighbour appeared. I softly asked Sara "What do you say?" Sara looked up, big smile on her face and said "Say excuse me!!!!" It was priceless.

This year my sweet little girl remembered to say "Trick or Treat", however she did something else that was really cute. At the same neighbour's house she walked right inside, put her treat bag down, climbed up on the couch and started watching their TV. We all laughed. I asked her if she was ready to go and she waved at me "Bye Mommy, have fun." She did come with me and had a blast trick or treating.

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