Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Technique Tuesday Cards

Awhile back my friend Lori taught some Technique Tuesday classes at the Scrapping Turtle. I wasn't able to attend the actual classes, so I ordered the kits. There were several layout classes and one card class. I managed to finish the kits for the layouts fairly soon after the actual class (with the exception of one that needs one more step and one that just needs photos), but I hadn't completed the card kit --- until now. I finished up the cards the other night and really enjoyed putting them together.

For the most part I completed the cards as instructed in the kit. One of the few changes I made was in the colouring of the cards. The instructions said to use coloured pencils. I, however, decided to use my wonderful Copic markers. Since I really hadn't used them for much yet, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to give them a try. And yes, I'm hooked. I had to substitute some off white twill ribbon for the white twill that the instructions called for. I couldn't find any white in the approximate size. This colour worked just fine in my opinion.

The tallest card was designed by Lori herself, using the Technique Tuesday stamps. I really liked using the Technique Tuesday tiles on these cards. I think I might have to try using them on other things since the finished project looks so nice.

Thanks to the Scrapping Turtle for offering the classes and for Lori's unique touch with all of the kits. As always Lori -- you rock!!!!!! I'm looking forward to doing some more Technique Tuesday classes with Lori, I'm just hoping that this time I'll be able to attend the actual classes :)

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