Friday, December 12, 2008

Candyland Anyone?

Now until December 14th the city of Cambridge is hosting Candyland in downtown Preston. It isn't huge, it isn't spectacular, but the children seem to enjoy it and that lights are pretty. We took Sara and Sam there for a little while on Thursday night. Took a couple of spins on the merry go round (after which I felt like I was spinning for way too long afterwards), slipped and slid on the ice (they really need to put down more salt), posed in front of cute light displays, and froze our tushies off. But Sara had fun. Sam ... well ... not so much. It's free, except for the merry go round which is $2, and like I said the children seem to enjoy it. So if you live in Cambridge you might want to give it a look see. Just one word of advice --- wear your mittens!!!!

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