Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fun in the Mail - Thanks Patty!!!!!

I had so much fun with this today that I thought I should post it here. I belong to this awesome Cricut group on Yahoo called Cricutlovers (if you own a Cricut this is the group to join BTW). I am one of the moderators on the group and we have a lot of fun while talking about our Cricuts. Awhile back we had this really fun online contest - it was so intense that group members were glued to their computers, not wanting to miss a second. Anyway, my silly sense of humour kicked in and I suggested that we should have had Depends to wear. There was also some discussion about litter boxes and sandboxes. 
Now, fast forward to today. I go to my mailbox and there is a big white envelope in there. I open it up to find a note and a pair of Depends!!!!! My hubby and I couldn't stop laughing -- it was so hilarious!!!!! The note said "Heather - These are for the next contest. Keep them close by your computer at ALL times! If there's not enough litter on this litter box, you can use the Depends!" It was from my co-moderator, the wonderful Patty!!!! (big hugs to Patty). Now unfortunately, the litter box that she created didn't make it through customs (sob!!!) but she kindly sent me a photo of it. Isn't she great????
I wonder where it ended up ...

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